Everything You Need To Know About Apoquel 16mg for Dogs

Dr. Isabella Martinez
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Apoquel is a widely recognized medicine for managing allergic issues in dogs, and Apoquel 16mg is the most appropriate and commonly used dosage of Apoquel. In this post, we will discuss Apoquel 16mg, dosage, administration technique, price, and available markets for this medicine.

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Is Apoquel 16mg Different?

Apoquel is an oral medicine available in tablet form with different dosages. These Apoquel 16mg tablets are the specific dosage tablet customized for dogs weighing over 30 pounds (14 kg). These tablets have a comparatively higher concentration of oclacitinib, an active ingredient soothing allergies, making it different and more effective for treating itching and inflammation caused by dog skin allergies. However, you must give these tablets to your dog with proper prescription and advice from your trusted vet.

Dosage Description of Apoquel 16mg

Vets mainly prescribe Apoquel 16mg to bigger dogs suffering from various skin allergies and conditions like atopic dermatitis. These tablets are given out to your dog either once or twice a day, as per the guidance provided by your veterinarian. The period of using these tablets will depend upon your dog’s specific needs and reaction to the medication. Trusting your vet in this journey for better results would be best.

Pricing of Apoquel 16mg

The different dosage of Apoquel has different price ranges. The price depends on the dosage, quantity, and the region where it is purchased. The average cost of Apoquel 16mg tablets ranges from $2 to $4 per tablet. These prices may differ everywhere, and it is highly recommended to go through all the available sources to compare the price and quantity. It might appear as a negotiable concern, but you should pre-discuss the pricing of Apoquel to ensure the treatment falls under your veterinary care budget.

Availability of Apoquel for Dogs

Apoquel cannot be used without a proper prescription, so you require a licensed veterinarian to get these. The over-the-counter availability does not apply in the case of Apoquel. First, your vet will analyze and evaluate your dog’s specific condition and needs, then determine the relatable dosage and finally prescribe you to them. Hence, to obtain Apoquel, you can get it from your veterinarian’s clinic, ask for a proper written prescription, and then buy it from an excellent medical store.

You can purchase these with a prescription at vet clinics, brick-and-mortar pet pharmacies, or trusted online stores. Most of the vets have their clinic, and they sell it there. You can also find them in all the reputed pharmacies until you have a valid prescription. Look for the Vet-VIPPS (Veterinary-Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites) certification to save you from fraud and scams while purchasing online.


  • Highly Effective for Larger Dogs: Apoquel 16mg tablets are particularly suited for larger dogs, offering efficient allergy and itch relief.
  • Contains Oclacitinib: The active ingredient, oclacitinib, effectively manages itching and discomfort in dogs.
  • Improves Quality of Life: Proper use of Apoquel can significantly enhance your dog’s overall well-being.
  • Follow Vet Guidelines: Always adhere to the dosage and administration advice provided by your veterinarian.
  • Use the Dosage Chart: Reference the dosage chart for easy and accurate administration of Apoquel.
  • Prescription Required: Apoquel is a prescription medication available through veterinary clinics or authorized pharmacies.
  • Ensure Medication Quality: When seeking budget-friendly options, never compromise on the quality of the medication.
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