Apoquel for Cats or Other Pets

Dr. Isabella Martinez
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Apoquel for Cats or Other Pets

All the skin conditions and allergies your dog suffers from are cured with the help of Apoquel. Sometimes, as a pet owner, you might wonder if Apoquel is equally effective and safe to use in the context of other pets, especially cats. This article will address some common questions regarding using Apoquel in cats. Comparison with another medication called Atopica will also be done here to help determine which may be better for cats.

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Does Apoquel Work For Other Pets?

Apoquel is expressly approved and designed to cure skin diseases in dogs, and the idea of using it for cats and other animals is yet to be studied and researched. There may be some unreliable reports of Apoquel use in cats, but still, you should consult with your trusted veterinarian before considering its use in pets other than dogs.

Does Apoquel Work for Cats?

Apoquel’s working mechanism primarily targets specific receptors in dogs, and the efficacy may differ in the case of cats because they have unique physiological and metabolic differences from that of dogs. This difference in cats influences how medications are processed and how they respond to treatment. As such, Apoquel’s effectiveness in cats may vary, and alternative treatments may be more suitable.

How Long Does Apoquel Stay in a Cat’s System?

The duration of Apoquel’s effects in cats must be well-established since the medication is primarily intended for dogs. Generally, Apoquel has a relatively short half-life in dogs, cleared from their system within a few hours. However, the clearance rate and duration of action in cats may differ, and further research is needed to provide more specific information.

What is Apoquel for Cats?

While Apoquel is not FDA-approved for cats, it is an immunosuppressive medication primarily targeting specific inflammatory pathways involved in allergies. Like dogs, cats also experience allergies and skin conditions, which could or couldn’t be cured by Apoquel. Still, it’s always safe to rely on medications specifically approved for use in cats. Exploring alternative options tailored to their unique physiology might also be a better approach.

Which Is Better for Cats, Apoquel or Atopica?

The choice between Apoquel and Atopica (cyclosporine) for treating cat allergies depends on various factors, including the cat’s specific condition, medical history, and individual medication response. Atopica is an immunosuppressive medication proven best for managing cat allergies. It may be a more suitable alternative to Apoquel for managing certain cat allergic skin conditions. Your veterinarian has to examine your cat’s needs and suggest personalized recommendations based on their expertise and knowledge before suggesting any medicines to maintain your pet’s health.


Apoquel is a commonly used medication for allergic skin conditions in dogs, but its use in cats is not well-researched and approved. The effectiveness and safety of cats have also yet to be extensively studied. It is essential to understand that consultation with a veterinarian to explore appropriate treatment options tailored explicitly for cats can help improve the situation. Atopica is another alternative medication approved for cats and suitable for managing most allergic skin conditions. Your veterinarian’s expert insights will guide you in deciding the most suitable treatment approach for your cat’s needs to improve their health and well-being.

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