Does Apoquel Kills Dog? Apoquel Debate

Dr. Isabella Martinez
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Does Apoquel Kills Dog? Apoquel Debate

The well-known quality of Apoquel to manage allergic diseases in dogs by providing relief from itching and inflammation is widespread. Still, the medicine also has some side effects that may be risky from a safety point of view. Many pet owners have raised their concerns regarding this issue and are worried about the health of their little furry friends. I want my fellow readers to go through this blog and find out the truth about the safety concerns of Apoquel, along with its dosages and possible adverse effects.

When Did Apoquel Come Out?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Appoquel in 2013 for veterinary use. Since then, it has become a widely prescribed medication by veterinarians for managing allergic skin conditions in dogs. Its introduction significantly improved the treatment of itch and inflammation in dogs with allergies.

Understanding the Concerns:

Apoquel’s Safety Profile:

If you use Apoquel per the guidelines and directions provided by your vet, it is safe for most of the cases and cases. However, the reaction to this medication might be different for all the dogs as they all have different needs, and their situation is also different.

Adverse Reaction in Rare cases:

Though it is rare for Apoquel to have serious adverse effects, some cases report this situation. These reports include reactions including a suppressed immune system, higher chances of infection, and developing rashes or other skin conditions.

Veterinarian’s Path:

Trust me or not, your vet is the most underrated and unsung hero of your dog’s journey in Apoquel. They are well-known about your dog’s short and long-term health issues and provide the best advice for your pet friend. Your vet will pre-warn you about the side effects of the treatment you will adopt for your dog. They will help you decide whether Apoquel should be used for your dog.


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The Debate about Apoquel:

There is an ongoing discussion among vets regarding the safety issues and concerns about Apoquel. Some vets have found that Apoquel has higher risks than benefits, whereas others believe it is best for your dogs.

Ongoing research:

After the debate is raised, many research studies are being conducted along with post-marketing surveys to help the users understand Apoquel’s risks and safety profile.

User Cases Evaluation:

As you might know, Apoquel is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and the safety issues may vary from user to user. The evaluation made by one user’s view might not complement the view of others. Open communication with your vet about all these issues can be constructive for you.

  • Apoquel is Killing My Dog, What Should I Do?

After giving out Apoquel, if you monitor that the medication is harming your dog rather than helping them, then the first and foremost step is to rush towards your vet’s clinic and seek their guidance. Some pets might tolerate the Apoquel well, but severe reactions might be rare. Your vet can only analyze what is going on and suggest accordingly. Stopping the Apoquel alone might be risky and worsen the situation. So, if your dogs are not responding well to the medications, seek help from your vet, and don’t try to be one.

  • What can be the Potential Side Effects of Apoquel?

Apoquel has different side effects ranging from standard to severe effects. The usual and less harmful effects include gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhea, vomiting, and appetite problems. Some rare and severe side effects include immune suppression, higher chances for ear and skin infections, and increasing skin conditions like rashes. It is crucial to pre-discuss the risks to be saved from future inconvenience and uncertainties. 

Apoquel Dosage for Safety:

The safe Apoquel dosage is only known after evaluating your dog’s weight and then relating it to the dosing charts. Then, your vet will evaluate the severity of allergic skin conditions and suggest the dosage accordingly. The standard starting dose for Apoquel is mostly 0.4-0.6 mg per kg, given twice daily for two weeks. After that, the dosages are altered by your vet based on how your dog responds to the medication. The maintenance dose is 0.2-0.4 mg/kg once daily. So, the critical point is to consult with your vet before deciding the safe dose of Apoquel for your pet friend.

The wrap-up

The widely used Apoquel is a medicine primarily focused on the dog’s allergies. Sometimes, the Apoquel might be used for treating allergic conditions in pets, but it is not the best idea. As a pet owner, you should always be informed and well-known about the side effects of the medicine you are using. You should use this medication only after proper consideration. If you need more medication clarification, it is better not to use them. The main focus should be on ensuring your pet’s health, and you should adequately analyze and choose what is best for your lovely companion. Remember, you do not solely decide; you have to do as your veterinarian suggests.

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